Bangla-Pesa Reloaded

We've been waiting since May 29th 2013 for this and it is finally here. Bangla-Pesa is back moving through the community. We've re-registered from scratch 100 members so far, since the official relaunch. The newly designed Bangla-Pesa just arrived in the mail today (to replace those that the police took and refused to return) - featuring a shiny hologram. Our team has also been working around the clock to reestablish a set of baseline data so we can gauge the programs impact. Registration and allocation of Bangla-Pesa will continue over December and we hope to see a positive shift in January's market stability.

January is when schools fees are due. These fees generally empty the community of scare national currency - so we hope to see and measure (via our M&E Specialist, Morgan Richards) Bangla-Pesa starting to fill this gap by allowing the business community to trade their underutilized goods and services.

We're also happy to have the support of several churches that will be accepting tithing in Bangla-Pesa and using it for community services. There is a strong sense of community building and the beginning of something beautiful.

We are also happy to congratulate Caroline Dama and welcome her back home after representing the team and winning the top innovations in Africa award in Paris last week.