Community Inclusion Currencies

Community Inclusion Currencies are regional means of exchange that are derived from vouchers and supplement gaps in the national currency system. See Sarafu-Network as an example.

Due to economic instability, people often lack money with which to purchase from each other

Thriving communities build their own prospering economies

Community Inclusion Currencies create a stable medium of exchange tied to local development

Community and Organizational issued Vouchers connect

Underutilized workforces

Underutilized resources

to local markets that guarantee the provision of basic needs and a medium of exchange 'Community Inclusion Currencies (CICs)'

Investments and donations provide funding and liquidity for CICs to develop local industries and infrastructure

These business networks and industries issue Vouchers that are spent into circualtion interest-free credit, community services and payments for operational costs

Community Inclusion Currencies accelerate trade and provide funding for social and environmental services

Community Inclusion Currencies provide markets and incubate local industries

These mature industries provide...

Through our work in Kenya we've seen:


Increase in trust


Increase in gifting


Increase in environmental activities


Increase in school attendance


Decrease in crime and corruption


Jobs created


Sales revenue


Food Security

As a socio-economic development tool Community Currency offers an innovative way to improve living standards

lack of money

market instability

lack of investment

excess capital

lack of local industries

interest free credit card

market stability

increase in local trade

build local trust and financial social services

increase in jobs and business development

Going to scale

But this is just the beginning!

User generated Community Inclusion Currencies have the potential to create a world wide market for social bonds and connected sustainable development goals

We are currently working on a MOOC to be able to spread our knowledge, findings, troubles and projections for the future!