2021 Looking Back

2021 Year in Review

Our vision is a world where communities control their own financial instruments for economic liberty and empowerment. With nearly 60,000 registrations for so far in Kenya, this year was a success in perseverance; we developed multi-Voucher wallets, piloted new communities, drafted legal frameworks, (Read through our documentation here)

Updated Transaction data from January 2020 to December 29 2021

Region of Kenya # Users Sarafu in Circulation Outgoing Volume Outgoing Transactions
Kinango Kwale 23,908 7,310,308 100,664,830 157,678
Mukuru Nairobi 10,282 4,775,192 180,960,299 197,556
Kisauni Mombasa 6,935 1,285,859 1,427,073 53,466
Misc Nairobi 5,463 1,273,815 21,837,935 36,047
Nyanza 880 336,649 2,085,028 15,722
Kilifi 1,079 259,757 1,916,324 5,507
Misc Mombasa 1,118 165,138 267,022 2,573
Other 9,127 485,548 120,386 2,455
Turkana 578 77,441 104,917 1,206
Misc Rural Counties 385 58,047 152,647 991
Kitui 76 14,625 8,843 206
TOTALS 59,831 16,042,379 309,545,305 473,407

With a total of Ksh.16,000,000 Sarafu in circulation and roughly $ 2,735,707 in trade volume in marginalized communities; we observe a 19x multiplier and roughly 474,000 individual transactions.

We had some really interesting research done this year: Read the Journal of Risk and Financial Management

We were joined this year by several humanitarian organizations like:

  • WFP Where we are running an RCT to compare CICs against other forms of aid.
  • Red Cross Where we have finished a second pilot and developed a Program Quality Toolkit
  • UNICEF Where we are developing open source software.
  • GIZ Where we are planning with on Cameroon together with the Red Cross
  • AFD - Development of a CIC Taskforce for legal and governmental integration

We are working non-stop to empower communities and service providers to take CICs to the world by issuing their own Economic Commons and Instruments like Vouchers and helping them circulate as Community Inclusion Currencies. First stop in 2022, after finalizing a randomized control trial, is Cameroon where we will partner up with 3 initiatives to help Cameroonians make their own systems.


All this wouldn’t be possible without the support of sponsors and the hard work of our Kenya team and dedicated developers!

If you want to help us in this important work please consider a donation via Giveth or contact us. Note that we are a registered Non-Profit in Kenya.